Invisible Mannequin

Invisible Mannequin Photography for On-line Sales

For advertising your products, professional photography is a must. An excellent and effective way to demonstrate garments is Invisible Mannequin, or ghost photography as it is also known.

Majority of sales are now done online. With so much competition in the marketplace, you need your product to stand out from the rest. Invisible mannequin demonstrates exactly how your garment looks modelled, without an actual model. Although, modelled shots are great, this can put off potential customers if being modelled by a young, slim, (airbrushed), beauty. As I am sure we have all experienced at some point, body image insecurity can be a terrible thing. I know that I have looked at outfits before, and assume that it would not suit me because I am not a size 8, tall, slim blonde, therefore not made the purchase.

With invisible mannequin, you are demonstrating just the garment. This allows the consumer to visualise themselves wearing it, with no comparison to anyone else. Below are some example images recently supplied to one of our clients.

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Bain Marie Product Photography

Photography Images for Bain Marie

One of our existing clients, Catering Base, recently required product photography images of a Bain Marie for advertising on their website. The images were to be on a white background, and demonstrate the many different combinations available.

As catering supplies are mostly stainless steel, this is always a photographic challenge as we need to avoid any reflections. Add to that the white background. At Philip Charles Photography, we relish a challenge. The brief we received was to provide images that show the functions of the Bain Marie, the depth of the trays, and general versatility of the product. The images will be used on their website and other media platforms to market and sell the product. Below are a small sample of the finished images.

Professional product photography is worth every penny, and guarantee a return on your investment. If you require professional images of your products, contact the studio on 01827 215 707 for a free no obligation quote.


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Modelled Product Photography

Modelled Product Photography for your Business

Investing in professional photography for your online sales is an absolute must, turning your browsers into purchasers. An excellent way to showcase your product is incorporating modelled product photography. 

Having a combination of product shots of the product alone and modelled shots allows your buyers to see exactly what your product does instantly. Research shows that web browsers on average leave a web page within 3 seconds. Therefore, you need to catch their eye and capture their attention immediately. Clear, professional images will do exactly that. 

One of our recent clients approached us to provide images of a yoga mat bag. She wanted clear product shots on a white background for use on Amazon. To showcase the bag fully, we provided images of the bag with a model. These images demonstrate the bag in use, encouraging browsers to make that purchase. We also provided some modelled shots in situ for use on her own website.

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Office Exercise Equipment

Product Photography for Office Exercise Equipment

One of the exciting elements of being a commercial photographer, is seeing new inventions and ideas. We love helping new businesses kick start their venture. A couple of recent products we received to photograph was office exercise equipment. 

There was a DeskCycle and an iXbike. The idea is that these pieces of equipment can be used whilst working at your desk. When advertising your products, the images need to clearly explain visually what it is and what it is does. We took shots of several different angles on a white background, to clearly show the product with nothing else in the shot to distract the eye. Our client also wanted shots of the equipment in use as a demonstration. Again, the shots were kept clear and focused on the product, keeping props to a minimum.   

The images will be used on their website, eCommerce and marketing campaigns. For more information on our commercial photography services for your business, click here. If you would like a quote, please call the studio on 01827 215 707, or click here to contact us



Packshot Photography

Packshot Photography for your Products

Packshot photography is perfect for showcasing your products in eCommerce, brochures and advertising campaigns.

With our expertise and techniques, we will provide you with professional images of your products that delivers a return on your investment. Crisp, white background is always a winner, and also meets Amazon specification. However, you can also be a little different and creative. For instance, photographing on a reflective surface makes the product stand out and jump off the screen.

Below are some example images we have supplied. If you would like a quote for your product photography requirements, contact the studio on 01827 215 707, or click here.



White Background Photography

White Background Photography For Your Products

The ultimate way to advertise your products is with professional white background photography. The white background showcases your product clearly to consumers, especially with shots taken at different angles.

Using a professional Commercial Photographer demonstrates to your consumer that you are a professional company. Therefore, gains their trust in you and your business. The images can be used in all areas of your marketing campaign, such as your website, social media, and eCommerce websites. All of our white background photography images are supplied to meet Amazon specifications.

Below are some  images recently supplied of wellington boots taken at 5 different angles. The angles fully demonstrate the product, down to the sole.

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Product Shot Photography

Product Shot Photography for On-line Sales

To sell your product on-line, an essential element you need is high quality images. In essence, the images will sell your product. Our Product Shot Photography service will do exactly that.

When advertising your product, you will need at least 3 image. Image 1 of the front of the product, image 2 of the rear or side view of the product, and for image 3 a detailed shot. Additional images can be of the packaging. 

Below are some recent images we supplied to our client for selling their product on-line. Please click here to contact the studio to discuss your photographic requirement.


E-commerce Photography

E-commerce Photography for your Business

Before making purchases, consumers nowadays search on-line. Whether the consumer makes the purchase on-line or views products before visiting the retail outlet, professional e-commerce photography is an essential element.

Advertising your products with professional images on your e-commerce site draws the attention of the consumer, selling the product to them instantly. Taking images yourself is of course your choice. However, some materials can be very difficult to photograph. Chrome is very difficult as it picks up every reflection, and transparent products, as you can imagine, are extremely tricky. Therefore, this is where hiring a professional photographer is an excellent investment.

With our expertise, we produce high quality images of any product in any material. Below are some images that were taken of coffee making accessories. The duster and latte pen were made of chrome and the templates were transparent plastic. Our client required product images on a white background. Chrome and transparent plastic on white is probably the most challenging combination. They also wanted some creative shots showing the products in action. We relished the task and produced the below images.

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Transparent Background Product Images

Product Photography with Transparent Background

To give you more flexibility with your product photography images, request PNG files with a transparent background. 

The photograph of the product is clipped, removing the background. Therefore, allowing you to drop the image on to any setting of your choice. If you are using graphical design to enhance your marketing images, this is an excellent service offered by professional photographers. You receive professional, high quality images, that can then be imposed on to any design of your choice.

Below are some product images that have been supplied to our client as a PNG file with a transparent background. Several different angles were taken and also close up detailed shots, therefore providing a variety of images to choose from to meet their requirements.

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Product Photography for Amazon

Images for Selling Products on Amazon

Advertising your products on Amazon is an excellent platform. However, you do need to be aware of the very strict guidelines for the images used. To list some:

  • products must be shot on a white background.
  • image must not contain additional text.
  • must not contain additional confusing items.

Images need to be clear and crisp. With professional product photography you will not go wrong, and you will see an increase in sales. For more information on our Product Photography services, please click here. We are experienced in producing professional, high quality images that meet Amazon’s specifications. We know the file type, pixel dimensions, colour mode and appropriate file extension. Therefore, you will have no issues advertising your products with our images.

Below are some of our images that have been used. To discuss your Commercial Photography requirements, contact the studio today on 01827 215 707 or click here



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