Product Photography

Professional Product Photography showcases your product with eye catching, clear detail. The image of the product should speak for itself. When customers look at the image, there should be no question or doubt of what the product is. We specialise in supplying images for E-commerce, on-line selling, brochures and catalogues. Products are photographed in our professional studio on any backdrop of your choice, from a white background to themed. We supply all images in Hi-res suitable for printing in media and Low-res web ready. We are experienced in creating images to Amazon specifications, and guarantee our product photos will boost your sales. You will have no concerns of Amazon rejecting our images. 

If you have products or need of images to promote your business, we are more than happy to discuss your requirements and provide a tailored quote. A sample image can be supplied to highlight how our professional photography will benefit your business and products.

To discuss your photography requirements, please contact us.

Philip Charles Photography