Wedding Photography at Twycross Zoo

We had the pleasure of providing wedding photography for Emma and Wayne at Twycross Zoo on 23 August 2015. The weather……….well it absolutely poured it down! Even so, the happy couple got on and enjoyed their day, even getting out in the typical British elements to feed the otters. Luckily we found a massive tree to offer shelter for the Bride and Groom portraiture.

Twycross Zoo is not your traditional wedding venue, however if you love animals, this is a great place to get married. You can see the Snow Leopards whilst enjoying reception drinks.

The Bride and Groom were due to leave on the Monday morning for honeymoon, but unfortunately Wayne’s dad took ill, but we are very pleased to hear that he is on the mend.

We would like to wish Emma and Wayne a very happy future together.

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Comercial Photography

I have been hard at work in the Gym for most of this week! Unfortunately not working on reducing my wobbly bits but taking some great images for the health clubs new web-site.  Traveling to Wellingborough to work in Diana’s Health Club has been a real pleasure, all of the staff and PT team and coaches were fantastic,  and an asset to what a fantastic club this is.


I must say after learning that a photographer had already been on the job and not produced the results they were looking for I was a little apprehensive, but after day one realised that we were going to all meld together very nicely.  I was provided with a fairly comprehensive list of shots that were required, which I worked to thoroughly and added a good splash of my own ideas for good measure.

The results are sensational and I hope that they will really help to put this out standing Health and Fitness club on the map.


Comercial Photographer-1 Comercial Photographer-2 Comercial Photographer-3 Comercial Photographer-4 Comercial Photographer-5 Comercial Photographer-6 Comercial Photographer-7

Handbags at dawn – E-Commerce Photography

Handbags at dawn… literally!  After receiving a call late on Thursday by a man I had never worked for before telling me that he was going to bring me 31 handbags and he needed the photographs ready to upload to amazon for friday lunchtime, I only had two thoughts Hoax or I’ll be taking photographs of handbags at 6am in the morning.

Never the less Sam from The Premium Leather Company bought me 31 handbags that day and explained how he had been let down by a photographer and how greatful he was that I was willing to push this job through for him.  He required strait forward single shot product photo’s on a plain white background produced at the amazon picture uploads requirements.

I met the deadline and received some great feedback from Sam, and it just goes to show that as a professional photography studio we are more than capable of living up to our promise of a 48hr turn around when it comes to product photography.

If anyone would like to have a look at the genuine leather products on offer then please click here

Ecommerce Photography-1 Ecommerce Photography-2 Ecommerce Photography-3 Ecommerce Photography-4 Ecommerce Photography-5

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