Personal Trainer Portfolio Photography

Professional Portfolio Photography for Personal Trainer

When promoting your service as a Personal Trainer, you are marketing yourself. A key element when launching or updating your website and social media exposure is professional Portfolio Photography.

Your portfolio of images need to explain who you are and what you do. This is the first impression your potential clients will receive, so make it stand out. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of providing portfolio photography to a number of fitness professionals. The studio is specially lit to highlight muscle definition, which generally as a photographer is the complete opposite to a family photo shoot session. We normally set up the lighting to soften and slim down features.

Personal Trainer Rich Palmer recently returned to our studio to update his portfolio. We booked the studio out for half a day to allow for preparations, not only from a photographic set up, but also for Rich to prepare. He brought along some equipment to warm up his muscles to increase definition. We worked together on the poses to create an excellent portfolio of images to explain Richard’s training. Poses include muscle definition, exercises, and show Rich’s approachable and friendly manner. Below are a sample of the images. If you would like more information on Rich Palmer PT, click here to visit his website.

If you would like to book or discuss a professional photography portfolio for your business, please contact us. Call the studio on 01827 215 707 or scroll down to the enquiry form.


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