Kids Photo Shoot Party

Photo Shoot Party

We were approached by Mum, Amy, earlier in the year asking if we would do a Photo Shoot Party for her daughter’s 8th birthday in May. She wanted to do something different this year and the birthday girl wanted photos of her 4 closest friends, so together we turned a fun photo shoot in to a party. There was snacks, drinks, fun props, the biggest ‘8’ balloon we could find, and of course the cake.

The first few shots were taken of the birthday girl and her little brother (for mum and dad), and then we headed straight in to the fun shots with the girls, choosing props such as sun glasses and feather boas, and performing brilliantly in front of the camera. Amy had brought along drinks in champagne glasses, which provided a lovely shot of the friends toasting the birthday girl. The blowing of the candles on the cake finished the photo shoot party off perfectly. Whilst the girls were chatting and enjoying some snacks, we got to work printing everyone a photo for them to take home. A disk was presented to Mum and Dad of the shoot.

We received the following feedback from Amy on our facebook page ‘My daughter celebrated her 8th birthday with a fun photo shoot. Both her and her four friends had a fantastic time. Phil really put the girls at ease which resulted in big smiles and giggles throughout the party. Highly recommended!

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