Invisible Mannequin

Invisible Mannequin Photography for On-line Sales

For advertising your products, professional photography is a must. An excellent and effective way to demonstrate garments is Invisible Mannequin, or ghost photography as it is also known.

Majority of sales are now done online. With so much competition in the marketplace, you need your product to stand out from the rest. Invisible mannequin demonstrates exactly how your garment looks modelled, without an actual model. Although, modelled shots are great, this can put off potential customers if being modelled by a young, slim, (airbrushed), beauty. As I am sure we have all experienced at some point, body image insecurity can be a terrible thing. I know that I have looked at outfits before, and assume that it would not suit me because I am not a size 8, tall, slim blonde, therefore not made the purchase.

With invisible mannequin, you are demonstrating just the garment. This allows the consumer to visualise themselves wearing it, with no comparison to anyone else. Below are some example images recently supplied to one of our clients.

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Bain Marie Product Photography

Photography Images for Bain Marie

One of our existing clients, Catering Base, recently required product photography images of a Bain Marie for advertising on their website. The images were to be on a white background, and demonstrate the many different combinations available.

As catering supplies are mostly stainless steel, this is always a photographic challenge as we need to avoid any reflections. Add to that the white background. At Philip Charles Photography, we relish a challenge. The brief we received was to provide images that show the functions of the Bain Marie, the depth of the trays, and general versatility of the product. The images will be used on their website and other media platforms to market and sell the product. Below are a small sample of the finished images.

Professional product photography is worth every penny, and guarantee a return on your investment. If you require professional images of your products, contact the studio on 01827 215 707 for a free no obligation quote.


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Commercial Advertising Photography

Commercial Advertising Photography of Your Premises

When promoting your business through commercial advertising, using professional photographs is an essential element to your marketing campaign.

As a consumer, the first impression of any business is always visual. An eye catching image captures the attention and makes you want to find out more. An excellent choice of images is the frontage of your premises, especially if you run a customer facing business. Frontage shots demonstrate your business in action and provides your potential clients with a clear, good first impression. Also, makes you easy to find as they know what to look for. Google also loves these images for their directory.

You are probably asking yourself, why should I use a professional photographer? Well, in a nutshell, we know the legalities of copyright laws, we are fully insured, and of course we have the necessary photography equipment and software to create images that stand out from the rest.  Below are some images we recently shot. As the signs were illuminated at night, we took both daytime and night time shots to really showcase their premises.

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commercial-advertising-4 commercial-advertising-3 commercial-advertising-2 commercial-advertising-1


Product Photography – Black or White?

Professional Product Photography

Most product sales are now on-line, therefore your images need to sell your product as soon as the consumer looks at it. Professional product photography is highly recommended throughout the E-commerce industry to create eye catching images.

The style of photography to showcase your product is extremely important. A crisp white background is essential for any on-line sales product, so much so, that Amazon specifically state white background images in their sellers specifications.

However, images for use on your website, you can be more creative. A popular background for websites is black. One of our returning customers, Red Anchor Supply Co., use both black and white. Often, they request their products to be photographed on a white background for online sales and black reflective for editorial images on their website’s gallery.

Below are a sample of the images that are use to showcase their product, both with white and black.

If you are interested in product photography for your E-commerce images, please contact us for a no obligation quote. More information can be found on our website.
Commercial Photographer Sutton Coldfield-2 Commercial Photographer Sutton Coldfield-3

Product Photography-4 Product Photography Sutton Coldfield-1

AGM Conference Photography Coverage

AGM Conference Photography

We provided Conference Photography coverage for the British Hydropower Association AGM on 23 June 2016 in Telford. The annual meeting discussed exciting new ways of generating power from water sources.

The first part of the meeting was a series of presentations, followed by hands-on demonstrations and networking.  There was no staging to the photography, we captured the events as they happened. The images will be used for showcasing and promoting the event in the industry.  This type of photography is a great marketing and PR tool for any business.

Conference Photography 1 Conference Photography 2 Conference Photography 3 Conference Photography 4 Conference Photography 5 Conference Photography 6Conference Photography 7 Conference Photography 8 Conference Photography 9

If you would like to discuss your Commercial Photography requirements, please get in contact.

Demonstration Photography for CheerTots

CheerTots Photography

The studio was certainly lively and active last week. The instructors from CheerTots came to us for professional photos of them in action. They needed demonstration images to showcase the techniques and movements they use in their pre-school cheerleading sessions. The images will be used for their website and marketing.

Here’s a bit about CheerTots – ‘CheerTots is a new developmental program for pre-school children designed to introduce the basics of Cheerleading. All the cheerleading fundamentals such as motion techniques, jumps, tumbling, dance and stunting are included in their programme in accordance with Early years Foundation guidelines.’

It was a tricky shoot, but great fun. Here are a few of our favourite images from the session. If you would like to discuss your Commercial Photography requirements, please get in contact.

CheerTots Photography-1CheerTots Photography-2CheerTots Photography-3CheerTots Photography-4CheerTots Photography-5

Commercial Editorial Photography

Picture Your Product in Action

When you have a product or service to showcase to your clients, Commercial Editorial Photography is the first step to success. Professional images captures your customers attention and encourages the viewer to find out more. For every product there is an image to be created, from a single image on a clear crisp background such as white or black, to an editorial shot of the product in use. It can be as simple or as creative as you want it to be to suit your business.

Over the last year we have built a successful working relationship with Spire Little Aston Hospital. We recently visited the hospital to take images of their new Laser Hair Removal treatment in action. The machine was genuinely in use whilst we took the images.  We were surprised that the treatment does not hurt at all. This is the reason they asked us to take images, to show clients considering this treatment that it does not hurt.

The work we have completed with Spire has been very interesting and at many times, inspiring. We look forward to carrying on building our relationship with the hospital. If you would like to discuss your ideas for showcasing your products, please get in contact.

Commercial editorial Photography-1 Commercial Editorial Photography-2 Commercial Editorial Photography-3 Commercial Editorial Photography-4

Product Photography

Cocoa Butter Company Product Photography

Using professional photographs from day 1 showcases your product in the best way possible reaching many more potential customers. We have provided Product Photography to many new businesses just starting off on their new venture.

Cocoa Butter Company contacted us to photograph their range of soaps for their website and marketing media. They required crisp, clear product shots on a white background, also images of the products in a setting. With our expertise and professional lighting system, the white background shots were produced quickly and as required. Producing the images in a setting was great fun and allowed us to be creative. As the soaps incorporated different scents, such as fruits, we were able to introduce props which created eye catching images. Below are a sample of the images.

We wish Cocoa Butter Company every success for the future and look forward to working with you again.

If you would like to discuss your Product Photography requirements, please contact us.

Product Photography-1  Product Photography-2 Product Photography-6 Product Photography-3 Product Photography-4 Product Photography-5

Amazon Product Images

Images for Amazon

If you are selling, or planning to sell, your products on Amazon, there are very strict guidelines for the Amazon product images used. The background must be pure white, the image must not contain additional text and must not contain additional confusing items, to name a few.

Amazon are also very particular on the technical requirements of the image. At Philip Charles Photography, we are very experienced in producing professional, high quality images that meet Amazon’s specifications. We know the file type, pixel dimensions, colour mode and appropriate file extension. Therefore, you will have no issues advertising your products with our images.

Here are some of our images that have been used on Amazon. Please take a look at our commercial page and contact us for a quote.Amazon Product Images-1 Amazon Product Images-2 Amazon Product Images-3 Amazon Product Images-4 Amazon Product Images-5 Amazon Product Images-6

Model Portfolio

Professional Portfolio for Models

If you are an aspiring Model, you will most certainly need a Professional Model Portfolio. Your portfolio needs to showcase your talents and versatility as this is the first impression you are providing to agencies, directors etc…

We offer bespoke packages to meet your requirements. We will discuss at length what your portfolio needs to represent, and work with you to create an outstanding portfolio that will catch the agent’s attention. All final images are supplied digitally in hi-resolution, we can also produce a hard copy portfolio with numerous designs available.

Here are some images recently produced for aspiring model Bliss Wortley. If you would like a professional portfolio, please contact us for a no obligation quote.

Actor Headshot Bliss Wortley-3 Actor Headshot Bliss Wortley-2 Actor Headshot Bliss Wortley-1 


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