Business Videos & Promotional Clips

Business Videos and Promotional clips are a massive part of peoples online presence and business marketing.  With Facebook now allowing business pages to use video as a promotional tool and youtube having 65,000 new videos every single day, can your business afford to not be part of the video marketing buzz?  Philip Charles photography offers a few cost effective and affordable solutions for your business’s video needs, we have a simple pricing structure that can allow even the smallest of budgets to gain some presence on the video scene.


Below is a price guide, all of our business videos and promotional clips include a fully edited clip produced at 1080p.  We will liaise with you about the style of your clip or video and make sure it is produced to suit your business’s image.  We can include any corporate branding or logos and we have a range of copyright free tracks to add some audio to your business video.


Price Guide

60 second promotional clip made up of stills photographs and text – £75

60 Second promotional clip with a mixture of video and stills filmed at our studio – £150

120 Second promotion clip with a mixture of video and stills filmed on location – £295

We appreciate that you may wish to have a bespoke and tailored video clip so please contact us for a quote.


Kids Photo Shoot Party

Photo Shoot Party

We were approached by Mum, Amy, earlier in the year asking if we would do a Photo Shoot Party for her daughter’s 8th birthday in May. She wanted to do something different this year and the birthday girl wanted photos of her 4 closest friends, so together we turned a fun photo shoot in to a party. There was snacks, drinks, fun props, the biggest ‘8’ balloon we could find, and of course the cake.

The first few shots were taken of the birthday girl and her little brother (for mum and dad), and then we headed straight in to the fun shots with the girls, choosing props such as sun glasses and feather boas, and performing brilliantly in front of the camera. Amy had brought along drinks in champagne glasses, which provided a lovely shot of the friends toasting the birthday girl. The blowing of the candles on the cake finished the photo shoot party off perfectly. Whilst the girls were chatting and enjoying some snacks, we got to work printing everyone a photo for them to take home. A disk was presented to Mum and Dad of the shoot.

We received the following feedback from Amy on our facebook page ‘My daughter celebrated her 8th birthday with a fun photo shoot. Both her and her four friends had a fantastic time. Phil really put the girls at ease which resulted in big smiles and giggles throughout the party. Highly recommended!

If you are looking for a different party idea, click here to view our page and contact us to discuss further.

Photo Shoot Party-1 Photo Shoot Party-8 Photo Shoot Party-9 Photo Shoot Party-3 Photo Shoot Party-5 Photo Shoot Party-2 Photo Shoot Party-6 Photo Shoot Party-4 Photo Shoot Party-7


AGM Conference Photography Coverage

AGM Conference Photography

We provided Conference Photography coverage for the British Hydropower Association AGM on 23 June 2016 in Telford. The annual meeting discussed exciting new ways of generating power from water sources.

The first part of the meeting was a series of presentations, followed by hands-on demonstrations and networking.  There was no staging to the photography, we captured the events as they happened. The images will be used for showcasing and promoting the event in the industry.  This type of photography is a great marketing and PR tool for any business.

Conference Photography 1 Conference Photography 2 Conference Photography 3 Conference Photography 4 Conference Photography 5 Conference Photography 6Conference Photography 7 Conference Photography 8 Conference Photography 9

If you would like to discuss your Commercial Photography requirements, please get in contact.

Wedding Photography at St Margaret’s Church

Wedding Photography at St Margaret’s, Great Barr

On 18th June 2016 we had the pleasure of providing Wedding Photography for Lisa and Ross at St Margaret’s Church, Great Barr. St Margaret’s is a truly magnificent church providing a stunning backdrop. From the high beams and stained glass windows inside, to the lovely grounds. With all of the greenery and the building itself, we captured beautiful bridal portraiture and had plenty of space for the group shot of all the guests, also our favourite shot – the confetti.

Wedding Photography-18 Wedding Photography-14 Wedding Photography-11 Wedding Photography-15

The Bride and Groom were very relaxed throughout, clearly enjoying every moment of their special day. Our photography captures these moments, including laughter and tears (of joy). We also capture the small details, such as special groomsmen socks and a car full of balloons?? (we’re still not sure why?)

Wedding Photography-12 Wedding Photography-17 Wedding Photography-16

We would like to thank Lisa and Ross for choosing Philip Charles Photography and letting us be part of your special day. We wish you both our warmest wishes for a long and happy future. Here’s a few more of our favourite images.

If you would like to discuss your wedding photography, please get in contact.

Wedding Photography-10 Wedding Photography-19 Wedding Photography-20



An Engagement, a Wheelchair and a Photo Shoot

The Surprise Gift

A very proud mum contacted us recently to book a Photoshoot Package as a gift for her son, Alex who had just got engaged. She made us made aware that Alex uses a wheelchair which needed to be incorporated in the shoot. She knew that her son and fiancee would not be very willing to have a photoshoot if they knew in advance. So, she booked our Print Weekday Package and told them on the morning of the shoot what she had planned. An engagement shoot of the happy couple and family shoot with their 2 daughters. As they were at her house in Tamworth, and not dressed for the occasion, they drove back home to Derby to get changed – but forget their house keys! Therefore had to make a dash to the shops to get new outfits.

The Shoot

When they arrived at the studio, needless to say they were recovering from the stress of sorting outfits. They clearly were not overjoyed of  being in front of the camera. With Phil’s humour and relaxed approach, the family were soon laughing and enjoying the experience.

Alex was unfortunately in an accident a few years ago which left him paralysed. He did not want his wheelchair visible in every photo, which was no problem at all for us. With a little help from his mum and fiancee, Alex was able to sit in the tub chairs and also on the floor for some great relaxed shots. The shot they chose for their canvas was the four of them lying on their backs, which is shown below. This was a tricky shot for Phil as he had to get up the ladder and hang himself over the foursome. Thankfully he didn’t fall or drop the camera! It was worth it though as the canvas looked amazing.

This was a brilliant shoot, and a great experience for us working with Alex and his family incorporating the wheelchair in to the shoot. Our studio is located on the ground floor, with easy access and plenty of free parking in front of the entrance door.

If you would like to book a photoshoot, please get in contact.

PCP - Wheelchair Photoshoot-7PCP - Wheelchair Photoshoot-4PCP - Wheelchair Photoshoot-2 PCP - Wheelchair Photoshoot-1PCP - Wheelchair Photoshoot-3 PCP - Wheelchair Photoshoot-5 PCP - Wheelchair Photoshoot-6


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