Product Photography – The Chrome Challenge

Product Photography – The Chrome Challenge

Out of all the products to photograph, chrome is certainly not forgiving. As it is so reflective, it is difficult to avoid catching items around you such as a chair, a light, even the photographer! 

Team Philip Charles took on the chrome challenge for Catering Base, suppliers of catering equipment, to provide images of filters for advertising on their website. We were tasked with taking individual shots, a detailed shot and a group shot. We relished the challenge, and achieved our goal.

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product-photography-sutton-coldfield-1 product-photography-sutton-coldfield-2


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Family Pictures

Family Pictures – Large Family Groups

We love large family groups coming to the studio to update their family pictures. Not only do we take photos of the whole group, we also break them down to smaller groups to offer a good variety of images. Generally large family groups that come to the studio consist of 2-3 families joining together with parents and grandparents to capture all of the generations. As our studio sessions are 1 hour, this is the perfect opportunity for everyone to update their pictures in any combination they wish.

The Gavin family recently came in to the studio to update their family pictures. First, we captured the big group shot, and then broke down into smaller groups. They were really happy with the images produced and the variety. Below are a few of the final shots.

Please take a look at our gallery for more photos. If you would like to book your family photo shoot, please contact us.

family-pictures-sutton-coldfield-4 family-pictures-sutton-coldfield-1 family-pictures-sutton-coldfield-2 family-pictures-sutton-coldfield-3

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Product Photography – Setting the Scene

When arranging advertising photography for your products, rather than the standard white background, why not set the scene to really showcase your product? Many sales websites do specify a white ground, but for your website, having your products photographed in a scene enhances the item and gives a true visual representation to your customers. For example, if you are selling cakes, why not have kitchen appliances in the background to look like a kitchen.

We were recently tasked to be creative by Red Anchor Supply Co. to supply advertising photography for their male grooming products. We created a bathroom scene and a vintage barbers scene. Our client was really pleased with the result, as are we.

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PCP-1988 PCP-1980 PCP-1979 PCP-1973

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Family Portraits – including our 4 legged members

Christmas is a busy time of year for us all, especially for photographers, as this is the perfect time of year to get the family together for a family portrait – and when we say family, we mean the whole family, including the four legged members. They are part of the family, so of course you would want to include them.

We had the pleasure of the Howard family in the studio to have a family portrait, including the babies of the family – a baby boy and 2 pugs. It was a real pleasure doing their shoot and we created a great set of images for the family, below is a sample.

If you would like to update your family portraits in time for Christmas, please get in touch.

Family Portraits-2 Family Portraits-3 Family Portraits-4

Family Portraits-1


Advertising Photography

When advertising your products, to showcase them in the most professional and appealing way to your customers, professional product photography is an essential element to your advertising campaign. Not only do you achieve the professional look, but the detail comes through making the product more desirable, and the photo can answer many of the consumers questions as the product is clear to see.

You can choose to have your products taken on a plain backdrop, or how about on location? We were recently contacted by Red Anchor Supply Co. needing product photography within a very tight timescale. They supply quality male grooming products, and arranged for their products to be photographed in a Barbers. Having the backdrop of the Barbers, showcases the products in the way they are intended for and created a great set of images. Here are a few.

If you are looking for professional photography of your images, please contact us for a quote.

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