Product Photography = Increased sales

Over the last few months I have more than doubled my clients for product photography, whats that I hear you say?  Why would anybody waste their money ProductPhotography-2 on getting professional photo’s of something they are trying to sell?  The answer is simple to help sell the products of course.

With many people now manufacturing off shore in foreign lands the time for individual high quality product photography is now.  The only way to take aProductPhotography-1 step away from the competition is to show your product in the best light, from different angles and in lots of detail.  With at least 8 in 10 people making a purchase based upon what they can see rather than what they have read can you afford to have DIY or manufacturers images selling your goods.

Many online retailers such as Amazon are now trying to enforce rules on the quality of the images listed on their sites, and this is putting your own snapshots taken on a white sheet just not good enough.  It wont cost a fortune ProductPhotography-3and for most of our clients we provide a 48hr turn around, we offer a large range of back drops, invisible/ghost mannequin, 360 degree and modelled options.  So if you are serious about selling your products albeit online or in a catalogue than I urge you to get in touch and let us help you to grow your business.


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FYI Kids business portraits

FYI Kids is a new and exciting app thats about to be launched, and if you haven’t heard about it yet (which I doubt) then it’s going to be BIG.  The directors of the company, Dee Bagnall and Sara Pritchard got in touch  regarding some business portraits, and I was more than willing to help them with some profile and and PR shots.

As with so many PR photographs I produce I was keen to get the ladies input on how they wanted to present them selves and it was quite clear that we had similar ideas on photographs.  After a few out fit changes and a few test shots we got under way to produce some great images.  Take a look below.  If you would like to find out more about FYI kids then please like the Facebook page by clicking here.

Please feel free to send an enquiry to me if you have any need for an updated portrait.

BusinessPortraits-1 BusinessPortraits-2 BusinessPortraits-3 BusinessPortraits-4

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