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Handbags at dawn… literally!  After receiving a call late on Thursday by a man I had never worked for before telling me that he was going to bring me 31 handbags and he needed the photographs ready to upload to amazon for friday lunchtime, I only had two thoughts Hoax or I’ll be taking photographs of handbags at 6am in the morning.

Never the less Sam from The Premium Leather Company bought me 31 handbags that day and explained how he had been let down by a photographer and how greatful he was that I was willing to push this job through for him.  He required strait forward single shot product photo’s on a plain white background produced at the amazon picture uploads requirements.

I met the deadline and received some great feedback from Sam, and it just goes to show that as a professional photography studio we are more than capable of living up to our promise of a 48hr turn around when it comes to product photography.

If anyone would like to have a look at the genuine leather products on offer then please click here

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Actors Heads Shots – A Rising Star

This week saw me welcome to the studio Jason, who I have every belief is on his way to the stardom and what better way to launch his career than by updating his portfolio.  We have worked with several young people over the years and helped them to put together a good selection of images to help them stand out from the crowd.  Actors portfolios and head shots are the first hurdle into getting to casting sessions, along with a healthy CV we have had some great success in helping young actors.

I always try to get a broad range of photographs for younger actors, mainly to try and give them some scope on obtaining different roles.  If I can make someone seem a little older, a little younger, serious and happy then I feel this shows the individuals look in the most varied way.

Jason’s ambitions seem to lie in making it to the big screen, and has already stared in some west end productions.  All I can say is don’t forget me when you get to the top!  Good luck.

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Family Portraits are all about fun

One thing I have always prided myself upon, is being able to make family portraits fun.  I always look towards making people comfortable and relaxed.  It suits me better, it makes the photo’s better and generally means everyone leaves the studio having a good expeirience.  It’s not easy but being a family man myself definitely helps me to connect with the younger ones, conversations about Mine craft, Doc Mcstuffins,  barbie, Iggle Piggle and every little girls favourite Disney princess’s have all been known to take place.

Getting the family close together, relaxed and enjoying themselves results in some of the best photo’s ever and I always look at the images and think ‘if that was my family I would be chuffed with that’.  Check out the images below from a shoot just before christmas and make your own mind up.  If you would like to ask me any questions about family portraits just send me a quick message by clicking here.

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4 ways to improve your photo’s

4 ways to improve your photo’s….

I’m always asked by clients, friends and family how can I take better photo’s?  Most of the time they are not looking to taking professional photo’s they just want the snap shots they take to be better quality and content.  So I thought there must be tens of thousands of people that would like some answers to that question.

These tips apply to any camera, camera phone or even posh camera users.

1 – Composition (come now think about it)

Composing a photograph can be as easy or as difficult as you want to make it but here are a few do’s and don’ts that should help you on your way to taking improved photographs.

DO – get down to eye level with the person you are taking photo’s of.

DO – think about whats in the background (look out for things growing out of heads).

DO – turn the camera on it’s side or into the upright position, try to fill the frame as best as possible.

DO – move yourself into a better position, standing 20yards away will leave to much blank space in the image.

DONT – Stand people against a wall, it’s not a prison mug shot, put some distance between them and the wall.

DONT – get to close with the camera when using flash, about 6 feet should be fine

DONT – let people photo bomb it can ruin a perfect shot that you may not be able to recreate.

2 – Be the centre of attention

This can be difficult if you are not very confident or are a little bit shy.  You need to capture the subject of you photos attention, they will never look at the camera if great aunt Dorris is on the other side of the room telling someone to smile for the photo.  Talk to people let them know that you are taking the photo, tell them to look at your camera and most of all get them to relax talk about them.  Children will always smile if you blow a raspberry, grown ups will always smile if you pay them a compliment. Simples.

3 – Know your camera

Or at least carry the manual.  Many cameras these days have loads of features that you will only use once or maybe not at all, and it can render your camera almost useless if you knock one of these settings on by mistake.  So either learn the features of your camera back to front, or more realistically carry the manual in your camera bag, handbag or back pocket.  Most camera instruction manuals are designed to be pocket friendly and have easy referencing sections.  In most cases you will even have a trouble shooting section.

4 – Keep it clean

Nope I’m not talking about smutty photo’s, I mean the camera.  Make sure your lens is clean, clean with a soft cloth or in an emergencies a tissue.  If your camera phone doesn’t seem to be quite as good as it used to be then take a look at the lens it’s probably caked with muck.  Even the most careful of camera users will still end up getting a dirty lens, there are many good cleaning products on the market but one of the best everyday lens cloths can be obtained for free from a local opticians (they may want a small fee), just stroll on in and ask for a new lens cloth they are normally very willing to oblige.

Happy New Year from Philip Charles Photography

Happy New Year!!! Here we are at the beginning of what is set to be our best year yet.  We are looking forward to the opening of our new studio in mid February, it’s going to enable our photography to take a massive step forwards offering dedicated family portrait areas as well as areas for product photography I am also hoping to offer a full studio rental facility.

I spent new years eve covering the gala night at Ramada Sutton Coldfield with my better half Vicky (her words not mine 🙂 ), it was a great night I have included some images below of the fireworks that concluded the nights celebrations, it was one of the best pyrotechnic displays I have ever seen.  It was a great way to spend the evening we took photo’s up to about 11.30 and then saw in the new year with the hotels staff.  Thanks for a great evening, and the feed back I was getting from my customers was pretty amazing too.

Here’s to a happy 2015 for all my friends, family and customers! Don’t forget to take a look around this all new website click here.

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